Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Quick post, from the middle of a boredom in math class!

I've seen magic

Hello people, I'm hoping that you're having a better night than I am. I'm not blowing any trumpet, I'm not seeing fireworks, I'm in my room, yawning. Which makes me wonder, is this really that bad?

I've experienced many 'unexpected' New Year's Eve, my airplane got struck by lightning (2012), my laptop got stolen (2013), and I'm not expecting something bad to happen this year, but again it makes wonder, is it really that bad?

A few weeks ago, maybe months, a friend asked me 'what makes something bad?', there's no true or false answer for that, it's one of the cool questions where we get to choose our own answer.

Here's the thing, as hyperbolic as it sounds, I wouldn't even care if I got killed tonight! I've had an amazing LIFE, I couldn't imagine what kind of 'better' I should expect. I don't care if I missed new year's countdown, what God have blessed me with to experience is more magical than how a year can be 'officially passed' within seconds.

I have never deserve this much, but I'll tell you I'm blessed enough to not have to panically praying and begging to God so that 2014 would be good for me. Don't get me wrong, I do want 2014 to be awesome, but 2013 is a solid proof that God loves me enough to let me live in absolute fun.

I thank God for letting this dumbass debate through (at least) high school, which is still unbelievable for me. Everytime I look at who I am today, I'm transferred into a place somewhere between reality and dream, and I know I'm not special, but I am special to me, and for the first time I admit that it does matter most. I'm happy, not always, but I have at least one moment that strike into my mind every time I think of '2013' that makes me say, "Yes, I'm very happy that year".

I got to know the most amazing people in 2013, people who I'm pretty sure have keep me alive. People I look up to, people I idolize, people I can call friend, people who say that they miss me even after knowing what kind of freak I am. God seems to always show me his love in the very best way, I feel spoiled, in a very good way.

Now I wouldn't name those people, but I can tell you that I owe them. Thanks to those people, I get to say that I have not only seen magic, but I have live in it.


Monday, December 30, 2013

back to basics

Hello there!

So I guess I can't always start my post with saying "sorry, I'm too busy to post" or something, so how about this :


I've been online shopping and selling shoes and having fun as always. Busy? Yes, very. But only because I always keep myself busy, learning random stuff and brainstorm a lot. I can tell you I'm having a blessed year though, I'll share that later in my soon-to-come "personal page". I have a lot of non-fashion things to share and I think they'll need a place of their own.

Anyway, moving on to what I'm wearing. I finally gave up and settle for something suitable to wear within this "weather condition". I designed the dress, I was going to sell it but after sewn, it didn't turn out the way I wanted it. So I did the only thing I can do--I kept it for myself. The hat is one of my favorite collection--as I have mention before I AM OBSESSED with hats, I might as well study hat-making one day--while the shoes is something I just bought a few weeks ago without considering my economical condition--guilty!

sorry if you see the same picture twice (or more!), I'm really sleepy right now, it's night time in Indonesia

Thanks for dropping by!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

ma chérie


Here's a late post on what I wear last sunday. however, since it's always a late post, so
I don't really have a reason to say that haha