Thursday, December 3, 2015

Let's pretend I come here often


I just watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and it reminded me of my dream plan to work in a magazine (preferably as an editor), so here I am testing my writing skills--while also avoiding several homeworks, tomorrow's quiz, and next week's finals *cries*.

Today I began doing what I usually do on early Decembers, not studying and making my New Year resolution. My yearly bullshit. My too-high expectations. My getting-lower-and-lower standard. So let's talk about that, shall we?

I recently told my cousin that he should dream while he's young, because the older you get the bigger reality grows and it'll eat up space for dreams. The question for us old folks are, is that a reason to stop dreaming? When must one stop dreaming? When I got into a major that can't get me the job I want, is that it? I talk about my plans a lot, which most of them I fail to do, I wonder if people have been laughing at them. If they do, are they laughing at my failure of fulfilling them or at the attempts I've made oh-so-naively? Is one a bigger joke by having dreams or by not having any plans?

I think it's sad when you have no idea what to do with your future.

But these days, all it takes is to call someone "ambitious" to stop them from dreaming, and people start calling those non-dreamers people who "don't give a shit" making them sound like one hell of a badass. Then again, read my first paragraph and you start questioning my stance. I'm the girl who makes suicidal poems and listens to grungy music advocating for dreams.

So how does this work now? Dreams, plans, resolutions, are they still relevant?

Monday, July 27, 2015

About Author

Rachel Diercie is an Indonesian girl based in Yogyakarta and Jakarta. She was born in Jakarta and spent her childhood there until she moved to Jogja where she pursued education.  She will be 18 years old this 21st September. Her legal name is Rachel Diercie Dwyarie, but she prefers “Rachel Diercie” for the sake of simplicity. The name, as many people have asked, does not indicate any certain ethnicity, nationality, or religion.  More on name, she responds to the name “Rachel”, “Rere”, and several other ridiculous names she earned through her past experiences. In 2015, after completing her study in SMA Negeri 9 Yogyakarta, she began to major French in Universitas Indonesia.

She is a true experimentalist and due to that, she developed a vast range of interests. Her interests include, fashion, literature, visual arts, debate, dance, make up, greek mythology, and virtually everything related to the sixties. She is hoping to earn her living in the field of journalism as an editor, or fashion, and very possibly, both.  She started the blog in 2010, however, in 2015 she completely renovated the blog in attempt to boost improvements, and several other reasons. Another hobby she has, is writing profiles that sounds (in her view) professional. Teehee.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Another Redo

Hey there,

I hate flaws.

Not that I don't have any--I have lots--but that doesn't mean I can't hate it, right?


So recently I decided to do a makeover. I changed how I dress, but mostly because I gained a serious amount of weight. I'd love to change my hair, but this is the only cut that fits this excessively chubby face, and I'd love to dye my fair--I always wanted an ombre, but not so unfortunately, I can't because I'm not going on a gap year. 

Yes, you're reading a blog of a recently admitted college student. I'll add infos about where I go on my bio--if I remember where that is.

Due to that, I decided this is the time I wear make up on a daily basis--well, just for the heck of it. I've also gave away four garbage bags of my old clothes. So now I have much less yet much more "selected" number of clothings. I just pray to God, to Allah, to Buddha, to Zeus, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie that I won't gain anymore weight. I know body insecurity is so Before-Meghan-Trainor, but gaining weight shows just how bad I've been taking care of my body lately (diet, lack of exercise, etc,), and God, I hate what it does to my skin. Other reasons include changing clothes size and needing to spend my life saving for a whole new wardrobe I might not even like.

Except for the fact that I don't have life saving.

The reason why I really need a makeover--aside from a provocating novel I just finished reading--is because I want to move on from the things I'm not proud of in the past. I don't even know why it just bothers me a lot. In my life it's been the root cause of all problems.

While for this blog, I haven't been proud of the inconsistent timing of posts. Hence, a redo.
Oh and because a friend recently point out that I used to take ridiculous pictures and I'm forever embarrassed. (If you're reading this, thanks, I still hate you)