Monday, December 30, 2013

back to basics

Hello there!

So I guess I can't always start my post with saying "sorry, I'm too busy to post" or something, so how about this :


I've been online shopping and selling shoes and having fun as always. Busy? Yes, very. But only because I always keep myself busy, learning random stuff and brainstorm a lot. I can tell you I'm having a blessed year though, I'll share that later in my soon-to-come "personal page". I have a lot of non-fashion things to share and I think they'll need a place of their own.

Anyway, moving on to what I'm wearing. I finally gave up and settle for something suitable to wear within this "weather condition". I designed the dress, I was going to sell it but after sewn, it didn't turn out the way I wanted it. So I did the only thing I can do--I kept it for myself. The hat is one of my favorite collection--as I have mention before I AM OBSESSED with hats, I might as well study hat-making one day--while the shoes is something I just bought a few weeks ago without considering my economical condition--guilty!

sorry if you see the same picture twice (or more!), I'm really sleepy right now, it's night time in Indonesia

Thanks for dropping by!


Lisa said...

Hey, my name is Lisa and I'm starting my blog in the new year.
Your blog is really nice, what do you think about follow for follow?
I hope to see you in my followers soon,
Cheers, Lisa ♡

Dina Bella said...

so… cool.